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Current Map: Updated December 28, 2006

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COLONY 337: A turn-based MMORPG / MMORTS game of robot combat. Robots collect skills, experience, weapons and inventory to become more powerful. Teams of robots work to capture territories to control resources. Free to play. All you need is a web-browser. Start Playing Now!

The original Software Wars Map began in 1998 when Netscape first announced it was going to open source the browser code. Andy Tai was the creator. He updated it a couple times a year after that for a while. As often happens, Mr. Tai became too busy, and the Map was not updated for several years.

Inspired by his original work, the Software Wars Map is now maintained here.

The map was created using Inkscape and GIMP on Ubuntu Linux. Future updates, if any, will be posted here. Comments are welcome.

Earlier Maps (Andy Tai)